unnamed-1The following are some links to helpful internet sites that have been “vetted” by Dr. Hoffer! These sites offer a range of information, and can be trusted to provide accurate details about many medical conditions. We encourage you to always run any information by your veterinarian, as content of sites may change over time. We also do not condone the use of any treatments, supplements, or medications without first consulting with your pet’s doctor. ~ The extensive Pet Library has info on most common veterinary health issues ~ Another great resource for veterinary medical information ~ Wonderful reference for unbiased information on holistic care ~ A must-visit site for cat owners! Important info on proper nutrition for your feline friend. ~ Great site on feeding your kitty, with a focus on raw diets. ~ Having psycho kitty issues? You need to visit this site. ~ Home of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association ~ Home of the Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine ~ Home of the American Association for Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine ~ Home of the Chi Institute – one of the major certification and training centers for TCVM ~ Home of the American Veterinary Medical Association ~ The only made-in-the-USA 100% natural rawhide chews – check out the retriever rolls! ~ Our favorite brand of fish oil/omega-3 supplement – human and animal ~ Unique dehydrated raw diet for cats and dogs – great Resources page! ~ Wonderful site, must-read if you are considering home-cooking. Run by a DVM. ~ Great links for moving/traveling w/ your pet ~ Ocean State Veterinary Specialists – our primary referral hospital ~ Tufts University Foster Hospital for Small Animals ~ Home of Dr. Jeff Corey, fellow acupuncturist and our favorite canine physical therapist! ~ Amazing website for fellow holistic practitioner – named Holistic Vet of the Year 2011

​ ~ Great page on pet dental care with a bunch of other links   ~ Great resource for pet first aid and CPR.