Covid-19 Information

Dear Clients,

During this unprecedented time, Atlantic Animal Hospital & Wellness Center is taking the following precautions to mitigate the transmission of the novel corona virus to the public, and our employees.  Our goal is to minimize the interaction of people, while still meeting the various health needs of the animals and their owners in our community.  This is a fluid situation and our response may need to change in the days to come.  As an “essential business”, we will remain open despite any potential Shelter in Place order.  Please call ahead so that we can assess your concerns and schedule your pet for the appropriate time. Our office hours have changed slightly for the time being – we are open M-F 9-5, Sat 9-12 for phone triage and RX pick-up only.

Please postpone your visit if you are sick with any of the following symptoms: fever, malaise, sore throat, cough.  If you are in contact with someone who tested positive for corona virus, please postpone your visit for two weeks while monitoring for symptoms.

General temporary protocol for visiting our hospital: • When you arrive, please phone us from the parking lot, or knock on the door/wave to us if our phone lines are busy. We will be expecting you. • Keep pets in your car or outdoors until we are ready for them. • A staff member will come to your car to retrieve your pet and bring them inside the hospital for an examination.  Once the exam is complete, your pet will be returned to you outside or to your car. • The technician and/or the doctor will discuss the exam findings and make recommendations to you.  Conversations will be had at appropriate “social distance” or via phone in case of inclement weather.  No treatments or testing will be performed before discussing your pet’s condition with you and obtaining verbal consent.  Discharge instructions will be given prior to the end of the appointment (either hard copy or emailed if you prefer). We may seek alternative remote communication platforms as needed. • We will take payment over the phone when possible, but still accept all credit cards, checks and cash.  

Regarding prescription refills – please call or email with your request. For those prescriptions that we carry in the hospital, we will take payment over the phone and leave a clearly labeled bag in our client pick-up box outside the front door, for pick up at your convenience.  Many prescriptions can be filled through our on-line pharmacy – if you are not familiar with using this, please call to speak with a technician.  On-line orders are shipped directly to your home.  We can also fill certain prescriptions through your regular pharmacy, if this is easier for you.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work together to find a balance between providing care for our patients and dealing with the current protocols and restrictions that have been instituted.  The hospital is operating short-staffed and with decreased hours, so please bear with us if your visit seems to be taking longer than usual.  We are doing our best to keep everything running as smoothly as possible while continuing to provide the same high standard of care for our patients.  We look forward to returning to our regular protocols in the near future! 

~ Dr. Seychelle Hoffer, Dr. Sheila Tucker, and staff at AAH&WC